VOLANTEXRC 3CH Sport Cub S2 Remote Control Airplane for Beginners with Xpilot Stabilizer Easy to Fly (761-14) RTF

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XPILOT STABILIZATION SYSTEM EASY TO FLY- xpilot gyro stabilizer ultra stable self stabilization of gyro system. Powerful over-grade motor system allows easy controlling to do aerobatic flying. It's a great remote control planes for beginners, adults.

BEGINNERS' FIRST RC AIRPLANE TRAINER- 3-level flight control assists (Beginner level with full assist/ Intermediate with partial assist/ Expert for manual control) help beginners learn to fly step by step.

GREAT AIRPLANE FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE- 2.4Ghz Radio Control distance of 656 ft, the strong anti-interference capability allows to hold a small flight club party between you and your friends. 

MORE LONGER FLYING, MORE FUN WITH YOU- The gear box system provides more thrust and power to increase speed, and more efficient to save battery's power, allowing the plane to fly a long time about 20 minutes.

FULLY ASSEMBLED READY TO FLY- This version includes everything needed to get the model started, only the batteries for transmitter are required. It is fully assembled to get the plane take off within 1 minutes out of box. Portable package to go with you everywhere.

VOLANTEXRC 3-Channel RC Airplane for beginner Sport Cub S2 (Yellow) RTF with Xpilot Stabilization System: the best rc trainer airplane, easy to control, completely assembled Ready-To-Fly (RTF) for quick start

The Sport Cub S is a small size airplane but with excellent performance. Due to the xpilot stabilizer system, with over-grade powerful motor system, the plane flies stably, react nimbly and able to do aerobatics even in little windy environment.

“Lighter is easier”. As known a lighter RC airplane is easier to fly. The durable but light EPP material to provide a superb flight control feeling, making it EASY for beginner pilots to get started, even without much experience of practices.

3-level flight control assists: Beginner level with full assist; Intermediate with partial assist; Expert for manual control, which help you learn to fly step by step. In the beginner mode, the gyro system helps flying stably even in windy weather.

Great Remote Control Airplane: Easy to Control

Xpilot gyro stabilizer system provides superb stable flying even controlled by rookie pilot.

The self-stabilization of gyro system will help flying in any weather condition even in windy days.

3-level flight control assists(Beginner level with full assist/ Intermediate with partial assist/ Expert for manual control) help beginners learn to fly radio control airplane step by step.

XPILOT Stabilization System is a trustable flight control assistant that helps beginner get started to enjoy flying easily.

- Easily learn to fly with 3 levels- strong assist for beginner, soft assist for advanced, no assist for expert.

- Stabilize your plane in windy conditions.

Volantexrc Sport Cub S2

Durable Special Foam Material

Special EPP foam material keeps the plane at 40g light weight in the air and provides flexibility and durability to keep the plane from crashing damage.

Volantexrc Sport Cub S2v

Geat Box Power System

The gear box system provides more thrust and power to increase the rc airplane's speed and helps save the battery's power, allowing the plane to fly longer time, about 20 minutes.

Volantexrc Sport Cub S2

2.4GHz Radio Control

The 2.4Ghz technology allow more than 20 aircraft's to fly at the same time and flying up to 200 meters that you can not see it. You can play it with your friends and have more fun.

Volantexrc Sport Cub S2

Innovative Propeller Saver Design

The propeller saver keeps the propeller from damage, and prevent the electronic components from over current.

Pick up the prop and install it to the shaft adaptor to fly again after the propeller drop off.

Volantexrc Sport Cub S2

Exquisite Painting

Upgraded with good looking exquisite painting, carbon fiber tubes are all inside the wings, looks like a yellow little bird flying in the sky.

Volantexrc Sport Cub S2


Perfect size for pilots to carry and fly in the park, field or elsewhere. Just get your Spitfire and take a try.


(1) Please connect the battery to the airplane first and then turn on the transmitter within 3 seconds, the transmitter will bind to the airplane automatically. Push the throttle stick up and down to unlock the throttle then you could start to fly the airplane.

(2) If you and your friends/family are going to play several airplanes at the same time please bind the airplanes one by one. You should connect the battery to the airplane first and then turn on the transmitter, the transmitter will bind to that airplane automatically. Once the first airplane is successfully bound you could bind the second transmitter to the second airplane. If you bind several airplanes at the same time then it will result in confusion because the transmitters are interchangeable.

(3) If battery at a low voltage you will get a delayed response from plane, so please get the plane back when you find that the plane is not working properly.

(4) If you need replacement parts for this airplane you could find them in our store.

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