VOLANTEXRC Vector XS RC Boat For Kids Play in Pool with Auto Roll Back Great Gift Boat 2 pcs Batteries


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Volantexrc Vector XS

VOLANTEXRC VectorXS High speed rc pool boat is one of the fastest pool boat, top speed reaching 20MPH. With Self-righting and reverse features, it is much easier for adults and kids to run without worries. Get it to enjoy the fun time with your family.

【Super Speed RC Pool Boat】The radio control boat may fit in the palm of your hand, but don’t let the size fool you. It’s super fast and speed up to 20mph, that will bring you a really fun in pool.

【Capsize Recovery】Includes Capsize Recovery Function(use the remote to do a quick flip to return back to racing action), flip over automatically and quickly when the boat is capsized, easy to operate for everybody.

【Reverse Function】4-Channels allows the RC Pool boat go forward and backward, turn left and right, and the sensitive remote controller can make the boat do extreme sharp turns.

【low voltage protection & safety features】The rc watercraft will slow down while its battery power drops to low voltage, remainding you to retrieve a it back immediately. Safety features to protect the battery and the boat from over-charge and over-discharge of the battery.

【2.4Ghz radio boat great gift for adults & kids】2.4GHz frequency controller, good anti-interference ability, allows multiple rc pool boats to be raced at the same time. The maximum remote range goes up to 100 meters/328ft. Have more fun with your friends in the pool, even a small racing competition.

Volantexrc Vector XS

High Speed Pool Racing RC Boat Vector XS: Easy to control and Perfect for kids, adults or racing boat beginners.

The RC Boat Vector XS is a small size boat but also has excellent performance. Due to the well designed structure with water fins and trim tabs, the boat stably running in pool, lake or even river.

Volantexrc Vector XS

Auto Self-righting Structure

Thanks to the special design, no need to turn the rc boat back by yourself, the boat will roll back would not float upside down in a well-charged condition.

Volantexrc Vector XS

High Speed Rc Boat

RC toy boats for kids and adults race across the water up to 20MPH, this high speed RC boat equipped with a 2.4GHz remote controller with a 120-meter signal range.

Volantexrc Vector XS

Low Battery Protection

When the boat's battery power drops to low voltage, the boat will slow down, you don't need to worry that you have to swim to get the boat back, it still have power for you to retrieve it back immediately.

Volantexrc Vector XS

High Waterproof System

High waterproof design for electric equipment, only a single cover can prevent water get into the boat.

Volantexrc Vector XS

Water-Cooled System

Cooling system reduces the motor temperature and prevents it from overheating.

Volantexrc Vector XS

Interchangeable components

Interchangeable components make more wear-resistance for longer playing time, got faster racing in rc boat racing game.

Volantexrc Vector XS

Ready to Run (RTR)

Completely Assembled for quick start

Within 1 minute after unpacking, you will be able to get started and enjoy the fun! What's more fun is the fully assembly package will make it portable with you whereever you go, to picnic, hiking etc.


This is a sophisticated hobby product and NOT a toy. It must be operated with cautions. Please fully charge the battery every 3 months if you don't use this plane. Please read all through the manual completely before play and follow the instructions carefully.Actual product may vary slightly from photos shown.


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