VOLANTEXRC Ranger600 RC Glider w- Xpilot Stabilizer and One Key U-turn for Kids (761-2) RTF

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VolantexRC Ranger 600

Remote Control Airplane for Beginner: the best rc airplane, easy to control, completely assembled Ready-To-Fly (RTF) for quick start


The Ranger 600 is a rc glider airplane with excellent performance, a perfect training plane for beginner.  2.4 Ghz radio control distance of over 200m. With XPILOT stabilization system and over-grade powerful motor system, the rc glider plane flies stably, react nimbly and able to do aerobatics even in little windy environment.  

VolantexRC Ranger 600 1

Great Remote Control Airplane: Easy to Control

XPILOT Stabilization System is a trustable flight control assistant that helps beginner get started to enjoy flying easily. It helps flying in windy environment and provides super stable flying even controlled by rookie pilots. 3-level flight control assistants (Beginner level with full assist/ Intermediate with partial assist/ Expert for manual control) help beginners learn to fly rc glider airplane step by step.

 X-pilot Stabilization System

VolantexRC Ranger 600 2


Special Funtion: One Key U-turn

One-key u-turn function enables the glider plane to return by the opposite direction that the airplane takes off.

You just simply activate the U-turn funtion before the rc plane takes off, and press the "U-turn" button during flying, the plane will fly back automatically with gyro on.

VolantexRC Ranger 600 3


Special Foam: Light, Durable, Flexible

The Expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam construction provides a lightweight yet resilient airframe that will make for fun-filled, adrenaline-fueled dogfights. The backward pusher design protects the flight propeller from carshing, so that it is not easily damaged.

VolantexRC Ranger 600 4

Powerful motor and Long flight time

Powerful over-grade motor system allows easy controlling to do aerobatic flying. Function: UP/Down/Forward/Turn left/Turn right/360°Turn

Due to the pusher glider design, the remote control plane can save more power and have a longer flight time up to about 30 mins. You can have more fun with it!

VolantexRC Ranger 600 5

Ready to Fly (RTF)

Completely assembled for quick start

Within 2 minutes after unpacking, you will be able to get started and enjoy the fun while others are figuring out how to glue and assemble their planes!

What's more?! The fully assembled package will make it portable with you whereever you go, to picnic, hiking etc.



This is a sophisticated hobby product and NOT a toy. It must be operated with cautions. Please fully charge the battery every 3 months if you don't use this plane. Please read through all the manual completely before playing and follow the instructions carefully. Actual product may vary slightly from photos shown.



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  F4U P51D T28 Sport Cub 500 Ranger600 Trainstar Mini
Price $119.99 $119.99 $119.99 $119.99 $79.99 $74.99
Channel 4-Channel 4-Channel 4-Channel 4-Channel 3-Channel 3-Channel
Wingspan 15.8inch (400mm) 15.8inch (400mm) 15.8inch (400mm) 19.7inch (500mm) 23.6inch (600mm) 15.8inch (400mm)
Flight Range 656 ft 656 ft 656 ft 656 ft 656 ft 656 ft
Flight Time About 20min About 20min About 20min About 20min About 20min About 20min
Assembly Required NO NO NO NO NO NO
Xpilot Stabilization
One Key Aerobatics    
One Key U-Turn


Version Ready to Run/Fly
Color Red
Length (in) 18.110000
Wingspan / Width (in) 23.620000
Flying/Running Weight (lbs) 0.13
Material EPP
Prop Size (in) 5 Inches
Motor 8mm coreless motor
Speed Control Integrated with Gyro
Servo 1.3-g servo * 2pcs (3-CH)
Recommended Battery 3.7v 360mAh Li-Po
Charger USB cable
Radio 2.4Ghz 4-Channels
Flaps No
Flying Time 15~20 Minutes
For Age Over 14 years
Experience Level Beginner
Where To Play Outdoor
Assembly Time Less than 2 Minute
Is Assembly Required No
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Tom G.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Excellent Starter and Fun for the Experienced

Excellent small starter plane and incredibly fun if you have experience. This plane flies great, right out of the box, just charge it up, do a flight check and you are on your way. I have this plane plus the one with the FPV camera and both fly extremely well, even in some breezy conditions. Their foam construction makes them very forgiving for those "rough landings" and even crashes. Even though this plane has no aileron control, some aerobatics (loops for example) are still possible and easy to perform. Highly recommended!

United States United States
Ranger 600

I bought the ranger 600 along with the aeroscout. I cannot get the ranger 600 the fly at all all it does is nosedive I know all about the center of gravity. I changed the propeller to make sure that it was on correctly. Tried to set the trim no success all it does is nosedive everybody else love this little plane I must have got a lemon but I'm not giving up yet I fly other planes so I should be able to fly this one like I said maybe it's just a lemon all right now I hate it

P. Joseph
United States United States
Great Park Flyer

I've had 2 other airplanes almost exactly like this called The Sky Cruiser of which they no longer produce. Since I couldn't get another Sky Cruiser I settled for what I thought would be a cheap knock off. The wings of the Volantex are not removable. The con being the storage box is kind of bulky. The pro is the wings can not come off in flight. (The cause of death of my last airplane.) I didn't expect much from this plane but figured it's under 100 bucks so it's worth a shot. Well this plane flew perfect right out of the box. No trim needed to be added so I didn't have to tweak the flight control push rods at all. My other planes also needed weight to be added ( 2 nickels taped in the nose.) I flew this plane on a day with a bit of wind so I only did several short flights so I didn't push my luck. The plane only has rudder and elevator so it doesn't turn on a dime. So be sure you have room for a wide turn. Power off it has an excellent glide ratio. The plane is made of a very durable foam, so it will take a licking. The nose hatch is also foam rather than plastic and is a bit cumbersome to remove, but once you get the hang of it it's not bad. The transmitter has 3 modes of gyro assist Beginner, Intermediate and expert so I would say this would be an excellent first airplane. Over all, even with some of my gripes, this is hands down the best park flyer I've ever flown.

United States United States
Fantastic fun, stable flight

This is a great plane for a beginner. I am one, so I know! It can be flown at three different levels of ability, and will switch from 'Beginner' to 'OMG, this thing is mad!" instantly....and, fortunately it switches back again just as quickly. The battery live is impressive, since one needn't use the engine the whole time. Within 30 seconds it can be 200' up, and the engine can be cut back just above idle for the next five minutes even if you don't find a thermal. My only quibble is that it won't turn to the right if the engine is totally off. Seems the air off the pusher prop is needed to turn it when it's moving really slow. I've flown this n 5-10 mph winds and had little trouble controlling it. Crashes do nothing, since the foam nose just bounces...and the pusher prop doesn't impact the ground. You may want to tape down the cockpit cover (where the battery is installed) as it tends to pop off after a good solid crash. Nothing gets damaged, but finding the black piece of foam can be challenging if it's tending towards dusk, or you crash in shadow.

Jeff G.
United States United States
Lots of fun

Qualification: I would rate myself as an intermediate radio control aircraft pilot. This little plane is a lot of fun to fly, hand launches are easy - The transmitter has 3 levels of sensitivity - It has ample power - it can do simple maneuvers such as loops. - it is crash resistant - easy to transport. On cruise control it will fly for 15 minutes. - battery can be charge from a USB outlet. I recommend purchasing additional batters. - Be aware that flying any radio control aircraft takes practice, and concentration.

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