VOLANTEXRC P-51D Mustang (76105V2 Blue) PNP without Radio, Battery & Charger


Color: Blue
Completion Level: Plug & Play
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VOLANTEXRC P-51D Mustang (76105V2 Blue) PNP without Radio, Battery & Charger-Video Preview


EASY TO FLY RC AIRPLANE: This ultra-stable RC airplane is equipped with an Xpilot gyro stabilizer and a powerful motor-gear system, making it easy for pilots to perform aerobatic maneuvers and fly it effortlessly. It's a great choice for beginners and adults looking to experience the joy of flying airplanes.

AIRPLANES FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS: 3 level flight control assist(Beginner level with full assist/ Intermediate with partial assist/ Expert for manual control) help beginners learn to fly step by step. Expert pilots can also have your show time with this rc plane immediately.

RC PLANE WITH ADVANCED FEATURES:Simply press the button, hold on the throttle and throw it out, it will automatically take off and hover in the sky to wait for your command. During the flight, also simply press a button, then you can enjoy aerobatic fun with it.

RC AIRPLANE FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE:2.4Ghz remote control system with control range of 656 ft, the strong anti-interference ability allows pilots hold a small flight club party for fun. Just come and have fun with this rc airplane.

THRUST WWII RC PLANE:The gear box system makes the rc plane be more thrusting and powerful, efficient to increase speed and flight time, pilots can constantly fly it for about 20 minute.

PLUG AND PLAY VERSION: The PNP version not includes transmitter, battery and charger which you need to purchase them additionally, but all electronic parts of the model are Included.

VOLANTEXRC 4-CH Airplanes P51 Mustang WWII

VOLANTEXRC 4-CH Airplanes P51 Mustang WWII for Beginners with Xpilot Stabilization System(761-5 Blue)

Easy to Control Airplanes for Beginners and Experts

Experience the thrill of flying with the VOLANTEXRC P51 Mustang WWII Airplanes designed for beginners at Exhobby. Equipped with the advanced Xpilot stabilization system, these airplanes provide ultra-stable flights, even in challenging weather conditions.

Whether you're a rookie pilot or an expert, our 3-level flight control assists, including Beginner level with full assist, Intermediate with partial assist, and Expert for manual control, allow you to learn and progress step by step.

Enjoy the convenience of the self-stabilization gyro system, ensuring superb stability throughout your flights. With a powerful motor-gear system and efficient thrust, these airplanes offer increased speed and flight time of approximately 20 minutes.

The 2.4Ghz remote control system provides a control range of 656 ft, allowing you to have fun with these airplanes during outdoor adventures.

Plug and play version is for those who already has the battery, charger and transmitter.

Fly airplanes with Confidence: Xpilot Gyro Stabilizer System Ensures Stable Flights.

VOLANTEXRC 4-CH Airplanes P51 Mustang WWII


XPILOT STABILIZER No panic, just enjoy flying with XPILOT assist

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