Instruction for Brushless RC Boat ESC Programming 


1.Check whether this switch is at the correct position (Boats with no reversing function, switch up to 7:3 position; boats with reversing function, switch down  to 5:5 position)

2. Ensure that the throttle reverse switch is at the left position;check whether the throttle trim is centered (you will hear two short "beep" sound when it is centered )



3. If the problem still exist, please follow the steps below to adjust the throttle:

1. Cut off the power of ESC, turn on TX, turn throttle at max position and hold. 

2. Connect ESC with battery and wait for 2 short tone to enter program menu. After the tone there will be circulatory primary menus, each menu will beep 4 times before entering next.
3. Release your throttle trigger when you hear the tone of target menu, the system will save your setting.

 Beeping Instruction

Beeping tones: 
A=beep-            1 short tone
B= beep- beep- beep-  3short tones
C= wave~          1 wave tone
D=滴↘             1 low tone

E=beep--            1 long tone

Tone 1

Throttle travelling reset



Please find attached video for more detailed instruction.

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