Different airplane control channels match with different action

There are many kinds of control channels with airplane,different channels can control different action.Colloquially speaking,one channels match with one action.The airplane with more channels,it can control the action more.

762-2 Sport Cub  400

Two Channels:762-2 Sport Cub  400

About all the channels in charge of what parts

Two channels could control the Throttle and Steering.Three channels is based on two channels,increase horizontal stabilizer,it can use for rise and fall.Except this,if it add Aileron which means Four channels,it is use for spiral.Five channels add flap which can assist the airplane takeoff and landing.

761-6 Ranger 400

Three channels:761-6 Ranger 400

we also have all kinds of channels for you to choose,EXHOBBY is committed to satisfy with different requirements.

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