ESSENTIAL RC FLIGHT TEST AVAILABLE HERE: http://bit.ly/volantexRCP51dMustang

Super little P-51D that comes with everything you need to get flying with the exception of the 4 AA batteries you need for the transmitter/controller.

The 3 flight modes (selectable from the transmitter) make this RC model flyable by RC pilots with just a little through to expert flying skills. It is not a RC plane for absolute beginners but the Beginner mode makes this very easy to fly by limiting the ability to roll inverted and by limiting the possible control movements so no sharp manoeuvres can be made. Medium mode allows more agility but still does not allow the plane to fly inverted.

Expert mode allows full aerobatics by using the sticks. The trick or aerobatic button adds a bit of excitement to any of the the flying modes by allowing a roll or loop to be performed. Click the button and then move the right stick in the direction you want to go. Left/Right for roll and Back for loop.

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