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Become Our Dealer

How to become our dealer?

Become our partner, every company interested in a reliable supplier of remote control products and share our views on the principles of good partnership. We make a lot of effort for what would be cooperating with our company to customers were the most comfortable and productive. For a better understanding of the principles of the company, we invite you to read the following information.


How to see the prices?

  • Pricing information can be obtained by sending an e-mail to our mailbox  or you could click “contact us” botton in the bottom of the home page and send message to us.

How do I place an order?

  • You can put orally by telephone.
  • You can send e-mail.

Payment Order

  • Once an order is placed, we will reserve the goods and keep in touch with you. The dealer pays the bill and verbally, by email or fax proof of payment order.

Backing up and shipment of goods

  • Guaranteed shipment of all the reserved commodity - it is a distinctive feature of our company. Confirmed and paid order strictly reserved and can not be sold to another customer. If a dealer for some reason wants to change positions in his order, he should bring the matter to inform us.