VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Boats with Improved Waterproof Design


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Flexible Shuttle in the Waters

The sensitive remote control skills with flexible driving allow the racing boat to shuttle back and forth freely in the waters.

Water Induction Power Supply

The racing boat has built-in water induction system which turns on the power once the induction device at the bottom of the hull touches water, saying goodbye to the traditional switch control.

2.4G Remote Control

The 2.4G wireless remote control technology allows several players to compete remotely at the same time and let you perform the stunt without interference.

Continuous Endurance

The running time is up to 20 minutes and the battery can be repeatedly charged for cycled use, allowing you to enjoy the sailing fun on the water.

Adjustable Navigation Rudder

Once there is course deviation during the sailing process, you can manually adjust the navigation rudder at the stern to keep the racing boat sail straightly again.

Strong Water-Proof Hull

The hull has high performance of sealing in jointed parts which prevents liquid into the hall and protects the internal electronic components, extending the life of the racing boat.


Version Ready to Run/Fly
Length (in) 9.000000
Wingspan / Width (in) 3.000000
Height (in) 3.000000
Flying/Running Weight (lbs) 0.3
Material ABS Plastic
Radio 2.4GHz Surface radio system
For Age Over 14 years
Experience Level Beginners
Where To Play Pool & Lake
Is Assembly Required No
  EXAC00675 Vector 30 Vector 30 H118 H131 Vector XS
Price $32.99 $49.99 $49.99 $29.99 $29.99 $49.99
Dimension 8.7MPH 11.8*3.1 inch 11.8*3.1inch 8.7MPH 8.7MPH 11.8*3.1 inch
Max. Speed 8.7MPH 20MPH 20MPH 8.7MPH 8.7MPH 20MPH
Runing Time about 20min about 10min about 10min about 20min about 20min about 10min
Control Range 164ft / 50m 328ft / 100m 328ft / 100m 164ft / 50m 164ft / 50m 328ft / 100m
Auto Self-Righting

Reverse Function
Water Sensing Design    

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