200/150/100/50Pcs Storage Box Accessories Extension And Compression Coil Portable Hardware Tool Spring Set Metal Steel Assorted

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样式: 50Pcs
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Type: Hand Tool Parts

Origin: Mainland China

- Material: galvanized steel.
- Size:Mix Size(Random)
- Dimensions: Diameter 4 - 9.5mm/0.16-0.37 inch.
- Length 10 - 79.5mm/0.39-3.13 inch.
- Great resilience and for durable use.
- Greater resistance to corrosion.
- Used for automotive engines, major appliances, medical devices, electronics, and sensitive measuring instruments.

Pressure spring:
6pcs 9.5x16mm
8pcs 9x35mm
10pcs 7x13mm
10pcs 6x12mm
10pcs 5.5x27mm
10pcs 5.5x38mm
10pcs 7x19mm
12pcs 9x18mm
Pull spring:
8pcs 8x13mm
8pcs 5x34mm
10pc 5x10mm
10pcs 5.5x14mm
10pcs 6x10mm
10pcs 7.5x17mm
10pcs 7x25mm
10pcs 8x23mm
12pcs 8.5x26mm
12pcs 8x50mm
12pcs 7x55mm
12pcs 4x70mm

Package Including

50/100/150/200pcs Spring assortment Spiral Spring Galvanized Spring Set Spring Rate Extension Spring

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