2 / 5 / 10pair XT60 XT90 EC2 EC3 EC5 EC8 t plug battery connector kit male and female Gold Plated Banana Plug for RC parts

EXHOBBYSKU: 14:200004889#XT 60;200089262:202408827#2 Pair

Style: XT 60
Package: 2 Pair
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XT60 connector:
Hook up brushless motor to electronic speed control.
Low resistance, and gives the best electric flow.
Female Internal Diameter: About 3.5mm / 0.14"
Female Connector Length: About 12mm / 0.47"
Male Internal Diameter: About 4mm / 0.16"
Male Connector Length: About 12mm / 0.47"
EC2 / EC3 / EC5 / EC8 Connector:
Ergonomically pleasing and easy to grip
Capable of 60 continuous amps
Protected to avoid shorting and reverse polarity
Superior technology suited to today\'s advanced applications
Designed with convenience and reliability in mind
Material: Plastic+Metal
Color: Gold+Blue
1. For EC2, it is with 2.0 mm Bullet Connector Plugs;
2. For EC3, it is with 3.5 mm Bullet Connector Plugs;
3.For EC5, it is with 4.0 mm Bullet Connector Plugs;

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