2/4/5/10/20/50pcs SG90 9g Micro Servo For Rc Planes Fixed wing Aircraft model telecontrol aircraft Parts Toy motor 450 Helicoper


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Wheelbase: Screws

Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Upgrade Parts/Accessories: Gear

Tool Supplies: Assembled class

Technical parameters: Value 3

Size: mm

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Servos

Recommend Age: 12+y

RC Parts & Accs: Servos

Quantity: 1 pcs

Plastic Type: ABS

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: SG90

Material: Plastic

Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Assemblage

For Vehicle Type: Airplanes

Brand Name: Skyquist


This is the most popular mini servo. It only weighs 9 grams and gives you 1.5 kg.cm of torque. Pretty strong in size. Suitable for lightning robot.
Operating speed: 0.3 seconds / 60 degrees
Suspension torque: 1.5 kg / cm
Temperature range: 0 C_ 55 C
Deadband Width: 10usec
Operating voltage: 4.2V ~ 6V
Suitable for all kinds of R / C toys
Connector cable length: 250mm

Steering gear control:

The control of the steering gear generally requires a time base pulse of about 20ms, and the high level part of the pulse is generally the angle control pulse part in the range of 0.5ms~2.5ms. Taking the 180-degree angle servo as an example, the corresponding control relationship is as follows:

    0.5ms--------------0 degrees;

    1.0ms------------45 degrees;

    1.5ms------------90 degrees;

    2.0ms-------135 degrees;

    2.5ms-------180 degrees;

Package includes:

2/4/5/10/20/50 x SG90 9G Servo Motor

5-10-20-piezas-servos-cl-sicos-9g-SG90-para-aviones-RC-modelo-de-avi-n5-10-20-piezas-servos-cl-sicos-9g-SG90-para-aviones-RC-modelo-de-avi-n (1)5-10-20-piezas-servos-cl-sicos-9g-SG90-para-aviones-RC-modelo-de-avi-n (2)5-10-20-piezas-servos-cl-sicos-9g-SG90-para-aviones-RC-modelo-de-avi-n (3)5-10-20-piezas-servos-cl-sicos-9g-SG90-para-aviones-RC-modelo-de-avi-n (4)5-10-20-piezas-servos-cl-sicos-9g-SG90-para-aviones-RC-modelo-de-avi-n (5)

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