XT30 XT60 XT90 Connector Plug Male/female Bullet Welding Terminal Suit for RC Lithium Polymer Battery Model Aircraft Accessories

EXHOBBYSKU: 14:771#XT30 Male;200497261:200000932#1Pcs

Style: XT30 Male
Pins: 1Pcs

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Product name: XT30 60 90 connector plug male/female bullet welding terminal

Rated voltage: DC 500V

Continuous current / instantaneous current: 30A/60A

Contact: brass gold plated

Connection method: welding type/cold pressing type

Insulation material: PA66

Flame retardant rating: UL94 V-0

Temperature resistance: -20℃~120℃

Recommended use times: 1000 times

technical parameter:
1: TXT60 golden male and female plug plastic shell, using imported Japanese high temperature resistant flame retardant nylon material, will not melt and catch fire under strong current and high temperature, and will not burn easily when encountering open flames. It will automatically go out after leaving the fire source.

2: TXT60 golden male and female plug hardware, the terminal adopts national standard copper finishing, the surface is gold-plated and conductive, the temperature of the shell is lower than 36 degrees Celsius after 60A current, and the temperature of the shell does not melt when it reaches 80 degrees Celsius.

3. Convenient plugging, non-slip plug design, easier plugging and unplugging, asymmetrical appearance design, beautiful and generous.

4: Easy to weld, the tail welding wire ports are arranged back to back at 180 degrees, suitable for welding No. 12 extra soft silicone wire.

5: It is formed by high-speed automatic lathe and secondary processing equipment imported from Taiwan, with tight connection, no gap, good air tightness and electrical conductivity.

6: Anti-misplugging design, with guide groove, + clear positive and negative identification.

7: Can withstand higher currents than T plugs and plugs than TRX.

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