37 in 1 Sensor Kits Modules Kit for Arduino UNO R3 Mega 2560 Nano Pi Basic Electronic DIY Projects Hobby

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Recommend Age: 12+y,6-12y,14+y

Power Source: Electric

Origin: Mainland China

Brand Name: Happy Haris

37 different types of sensors and components that can be interfaced with Arduino UNO R3, Mega 2560 and Nano. Components are made with good quality material and are reliable and durable.

Package include:

1. PS2 game Joystick module

2. Infrared sensor receiving module

3. Laser sensor module

4. Temperature and humidity sensor module

5. Infrared sensor module

6. 5volts relay module

7. Obstacle avoidance sensor module

8. Finger detecting heartbeat module

9. sound sensor module

10. Metal touch sensor module

11. Flame sensor module

12. 3 colour LED module

13. Line sensor module

14. Linear magnetic hall sensor

15. Rotary encoder module

16. Active buzzer module

17. Magic cup light module

18. Small passive buzzer module

19. Digital temperature sensor module

20. Broken light module

21. The temperature sensor module

22. Double colour LED module

23. Mercury medallion module

24. Hall magnetic sensor module

25. 3 colour LED module

26. mini reed module

27. Tilt switch module

28. 7 colour flashing LED module

29. Button switch module

30. Photosensitive resistance module

31. Vibration switch module

32. The knock sensor module

33. The temperature sensor module

34. Analogy hall magnetic sensors

35. The microphone sound sensor module

36. Big reed module

37. Double colour LED module

Weight: 215gram, 

Size: 19.5*13.5*3.5cm

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