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VOLANTEXRC RC Glider Ranger 400 PNP (Plane-only) with Gyro Stabilizer for Beginners (761-6)

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VOLANTEXRC beginner airplane Ranger400 with Xpilot 6-AXIS Gyro System is one of the easy flying RC airplane for kids and adults. 

  • XPILOT STABILIZATION SYSTEM EASY TO FLY: xpilot gyro stabilizer ultra stable self stabilization of gyro system. Powerful over-grade motor system allows easy controlling to do aerobatic flying. It's a great remote control beginner airplane.
  • BEGINNERS' FIRST RC AIRPLANE TRAINER: 3-level flight control assists(Beginner level with full assist/ Intermediate with partial assist/ Expert for manual control) help beginners learn to fly radio control beginner airplane step by step.
  • GREAT RC GLIDER FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE: 2.4Ghz tecnology with radio control distance of 656 ft, the strong anti-interference ability allows to hold a small flight club party between you and your friends. Have more fun with this remote control model beginner airplane.
  • SPECIAL ONE KEY U-TURN FUCTION EASY TO CONTROL: One-key u-turn function enable the glider plane to return by the opposite direction that the beginner airplane take off. You will need to activate the one key return funtion before the rc plane takes off, and then during flying you just press the "u-turn" button.
  •  PLUG AND PLAY -PNP version, the box will not content the Battery, Charger, and Radio control system. You have to assemble your equipment by yourself.
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Sherry P.
United States United States
Very easy to fly. Propeller in back never gets damaged

Great little plane for even the grandkids to fly. Had many crashes with almost no damage. Only problem I had was with the battery cover clip coming loose but easily repaired with some styrofoam glue

United States United States
A good starter plane. Cheap is good because you'll probably lose your first plane.

It is a blast to learn on. It is remarkably sturdy. I got it stuck in a tree and knocked it down with a stick and plowed it into the ground, all with no damage. At full throttle, it is remarkably quick and it glides well even into a light wind. Get it up high and it can soar for quite a while with power off. It comes with 2 batteries. Prepare before your first flight. If you don't know a person who flies, watch a few videos. Charge the batteries. Insert a battery and make sure the controls work well, per the instructions. Exercise the controls back and forth numerous times to loosen the control surfaces. Out of the box they tend to stick in a slight turn or slight up/down and flexing them loosens them a bit. On mine, I used an Exacto knife tip to open the area where the control rods passed thru the body. My first 3 launches plowed straight into the ground. I held the wing edges, 1/2" back, and had my friend power it up. The motor was pushing the nose down. I used my thumb to flex the motor down a few times, so thrust was now straight ahead. Before each flight, make sure the control surfaces move in the direction they should. With any plane the controller can fail to connect and occasionally the surfaces can get reversed. In flight, don't over correct. Full throttle is good for launch and quickly gaining altitude, but 1/3 to 1/2 is adequate for normal flight. With no power it glides beautifully and extends flight time. At full throttle the plane is fast so turns can be jerky if over-corrected. Altitude is your friend, giving room to recover and avoid trees. Practice a gentle touch on the levers. Pushing the controls full-over over corrects the plane, so practice gentle lever movement. In case of emergency, cut power and release the control lever. The plane will self correct to level flight. If you think it's going out of range, cut power and hold the control lever hard left or right and it'll circle down. Keep the controller in safe mode until you've learned well and when you move to other modes, have some altitude. In expert, it's easy to over correct, so simply flip the switch towards you and release the control. That said, it's easy to lose the plane, so write your phone or email address on the plane. I let a friend fly. He was doing well but flew it thru a row of trees. It should have hit, but somehow flew thru. The trees blocked the radio signal and the plane flew off out of sight, partially because he panicked, left power on, and didn't circle. It's all part of learning to fly and, fortunately, happened to a cheap plane. It cost about as much as an afternoon at a video arcade and was a lot more fun. We even got in some exercise, wandering the neighborhood looking for where it may have landed. All great fun.

Patrick M.
United States United States

Great Beginner plane. A small learning curve but lots of fun once you figure it out.

Gilbert j.
United States United States
Great beginner trainer plane馃憤

Some pilots told me to get the RC plane to begin learning the controls and how everything works Well I chose the 400 Ranger to start. I fly drones and flying an airplane is very different you have to control it constantly so I did crash it a lot in the beginning but I started picking it up and it became very exciting And fun I would say that it’s more exciting than flying a drone ??beginning with a drone kind a messed me up I had to retrain my self which I did with that little 400 ranger as a beginner after I learn pretty good with that plane which I still have ripped it apart but glued it back together and it still flies pretty good It was very fun to fly I am older and I never thought RC planes would be that much fun so I moved on to a mid intermediate plane which is the carbon cub S 2 with all the bells and whistle‘s if you’re deciding to get that little plane for a beginner I would say that is a great decision to start with then move on to the bigger style planes that fly much better after you learn your controls , I recommend getting the ready to fly version because I bought ready to fly and also bought bind and fly I’m still working on the binding and fly . The ready to fly come ready to go out of the box you just have to kind of put it together it don’t take too long . Now I am progressing up into expert Well kind of sort of still practicing every day and I am becoming very familiar with all the controls I would say that spektrum Remote with the smart battery technology is the best . Yeah you can find everything right here with Amazon some items are on back order because everyone is kind of getting into the sport because of the pandemic just be patient it will get too you Amazon is pretty good with deliveries I give Amazon a lot of credit with their easy ordering and everything comes in great condition so if you are thinking of getting into the RC hobby or trying to become a real pilot yes start off small than move up but make sure that the plane has the new smart technology and with the gyros for beginners it really keeps the plane flying real easy you will have a blast I am enjoying the RC planes a whole lot it is very exciting to fly and with all this Covid going around you can’t get out there in a very wide open space and fly around without worrying about anything. Flight is so much fun for myself it’s addicting just learn your remote and start off small that is a great plane to start with it has the gyros and three modes beginner or intermediate and expert start off with beginner or in immediate but don’t go in expert until you learn everything because it will flip over , do rolls , fly upside down do anything you want an expert but come down very fast also ??

United States United States
F’in great Flyer

I love this little plane. I’m a beginner and picked it up right away. It’s has a long battery life and flys well despite living in a windy area

VOLANTEXRC RC Glider Ranger 400 PNP (Plane-only) with Gyro Stabilizer for Beginners (761-6)
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