VOLANTEXRC Trainstar Mini Beginner Airplane with Xpilot Gyro System (761-1) RTF

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VOLANTEXRC RC airplane Trainstar Mini  is with 6-Axis Gyro system, durable EPP material, which is one of the best rc trainer airplane for beginners. Powerful over-grade motor system, 3-level flight control assists bring you a lot of fun.

【Easy to control】3 Channel 2.4Ghz Radio and Xpilot gyro stabilizer provides superb stable flying even controlled by rookie pilot. Two ways to take off rc airplane.

【Fully Assembly】True ready-to-fly (RTF version) package allows the plane to take off within 2 minutes after you open the box.

【Durable Material】EPP composite material, high flexibility, excellent recovery,and not easy to break.

【Strong Power System】Powerful over-grade motor system allows easy controlling to do aerobatic flying. Such as going forward, up/down, turn left/right, fine tuning, 360-degreerotation,spiral moxement,loops,etc.

【Suitable for multiple locations】Apply to indoor and outdoor flight, longer remote control distance and 20g flying weight. 

Trainstar Mini 01

The Mini Trainstar is a small size rc airplane but with excellent performance. Due to the xpilot stabilizer system, with over-grade powerful motor system, the plane flies stably, react nimbly and able to do aerobatics even in little windy environment.

“Lighter is easier”. As known a lighter RC airplane is easier to fly. The durable but light EPP material to provide a superb flight control feeling, making it EASY for beginner pilots to get started, even without much experience of practices.

3-level flight control assists: Beginner level with full assist; Intermediate with partial assist; Expert for manual control, which help you learn to fly step by step. In the beginner mode, the gyro system helps flying stably even in windy weather.

Trainstar Mini 02


Great RC Airplane: Easy to Control

Xpilot gyro stabilizer system provides superb stable flying even controlled by rookie pilot.

The self-stabilization of gyro system will help flying in any weather condition even in windy days.

3-level flight control assists(Beginner level with full assist/ Intermediate with partial assist/ Expert for manual control) help beginners learn to fly radio control airplane step by step.

Trainstar Mini 03

XPILOT Stabilization System is a trustable flight control assistant that helps beginner get started to enjoy flying easily.


- Easily learn to fly with 3 levels- strong assist for beginner, soft assist for advanced, no assist for expert.

- Stabilize your plane in windy conditions.

Trainstar Mini 04


Durable Special Foam Material

Special EPP foam material keeps the plane at 40g light weight in the air and provides flexibility and durability to keep the plane from crashing damage.

Trainstar Mini 05


Gear Box Power System

The gear box system provides more thrust and power to increase the rc airplane's speed and helps save the battery's power, allowing the plane to fly longer time, about 20 minutes.

Trainstar Mini 06


2.4GHz Radio Control

The 2.4Ghz technology allow more than 20 aircraft's to fly at the same time and flying up to 200 meters that you can not see it. You can play it with your friends and have more fun.

Trainstar Mini 07

Ready to Fly (RTF)

Completely Assembled for quick start

Within 2 minutes after unpacking, you will be able to get started and enjoy the fun while others are figuring out how to glue and assemble their planes!

What's more fun is the fully assembly package will make it portable with you whereever you go, to picnic, hiking etc.


This is a sophisticated hobby product and NOT a toy. It must be operated with cautions. Please fully charge the battery every 3 months if you don't use this plane. Please read all through the manual completely before play and follow the instructions carefully.Actual product may vary slightly from photos shown.


Product Manual: English


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  F4U P51D T28 Sport Cub 500 Ranger600 Trainstar Mini
Price $119.99 $119.99 $119.99 $119.99 $79.99 $74.99
Channel 4-Channel 4-Channel 4-Channel 4-Channel 3-Channel 3-Channel
Wingspan 15.8inch (400mm) 15.8inch (400mm) 15.8inch (400mm) 19.7inch (500mm) 23.6inch (600mm) 15.8inch (400mm)
Flight Range 656 ft 656 ft 656 ft 656 ft 656 ft 656 ft
Flight Time About 20min About 20min About 20min About 20min About 20min About 20min
Assembly Required NO NO NO NO NO NO
Xpilot Stabilization
One Key Aerobatics    
One Key U-Turn


Version Ready to Run/Fly
Color Red
Length (in) 12.200000
Wingspan / Width (in) 15.750000
Flying/Running Weight (lbs) 0.09
Material EPP
Prop Size (in) 5 Inches
Motor 8mm coreless motor
Speed Control Integrated with Gyro
Servo 1.3-g servo *2pcs (3-CH)
Recommended Battery 3.7v 180mah Li-Po
Charger USB cable
Radio 2.4Ghz 4-Channels
Flaps No
Flying Time 15~20 Minutes
For Age Over 14 years
Experience Level Beginners
Where To Play Outdoor
Is Assembly Required No
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Sara H.
Flies smooth

My son absolutely loves this plane. His only complaint were that the wheels were a little too tight which made it difficult to land

United States United States

I bought it for my son. And he loved it .its bit on delicate side but if you can fly it away from trees it��s really amazing.

Amazon C.
United States United States
Good starter airplane

Easy to fly, comes with two batteries, fairly sturdy. This is my third, so the low price is nice. If you wreck it, it can be repaired somewhat, but the price means it won't hurt your feelings too much. Like any front-engined airplane, crash it nose first too many times and it will strip the gears on the motor, which is what happened to my other two. Overall, a lot of fun to fly and nearly anyone can fly one.

United States United States
Update to prior review

in my prior reviews, I stated that the motor was losing power. Although that is the case, it is on a much smaller slope than I anticipated. It was because the stock charger was junk. Here's why. The battery is a 180 mah battery, meaning it should charge at about 20-30 mah, and the charger has it at about 100, which will cause the battery to become puffy with charging. Another thing, is that it charges the battery to 4.4V, when it should charge it to 4.2V. This is very dangerous and will cause the battery cell to potentially break open. What I did, was went onto amazon, and bought a 3.7v 350 mah pack, and the motor works like new. I am talking about this after just coming out of a devastating crash with this airplane. The reciever and the transmitter lost the link, which does happen sometimes, and it started a nose dive about 100 feet above the ground, slamming into a light pole in the parking lot I was flying in, and then twirling down onto the ground. I did walk away with it mostly intact, and with a spare prop buy, it will be back in the air soon. anyway, I am charging my new pack with a 3.7v 25c dromida lipo charger.

United States United States
Update to previous post.

I have also tried to apply it's agility into an indoor - flying envrionment. Inside of a gym, it acts like a whole other plane. It's turns are extrememly wide, it flys much faster, even with the worn out motor. I have found it to be the case that UAV's act differently inside, don't really know why. Also, another thing I don't like is that expert mode is almost impossible to control, with just a little bit of rudder control will flip the thing to inverted flight, which is not possible with this plane because it's rudder throw is not big enough to fly like this, and it also being a flat - winged trainer doesn't help the matter. (Flat winged just means more stable flights, and that the lift is primarily made while the plane is right side up, which is why aerobatic planes have a full curved wing.. It also means that the top of the wing is curved, and the bottom isn't. )

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